Lamplighter Inn Guest Rules and Policies:


—Cancel a reservation 24 hours or more before check in time on the arrival day for a full refund. Cancellations within 24 hours of a reservation forfeit the first night’s fee unless the room can be filled.


--We strive to create a space where everyone feels safe and comfortable. Abusive, obscene, or threatening language or behavior will not be tolerated. The guest will be asked to leave and the authorities will be notified. Criminal prosecution may follow.

--Please be mindful that our room doors and windows open to the parking area. As a   

courtesy to other guests, don’t congregate, hangout, or talk on your cell phone in the parking area near doors and windows.

--Be thoughtful of other guests. Backing in and leaving engines running cause unpleasant and harmful air near room doors and windows.

--No open containers of alcohol in outside spaces (this is a law and a liability for the  property).

--Lock room and car doors. The Inn is not responsible for lost or stolen items, or damage to personal property.


--The property is SMOKE-FREE except for designated areas by the picnic table on the east side and the park bench on the south side.

--No smoking in the parking lots.

--All rooms are NON-SMOKING (tobacco, cannabis, and vape). Charges will apply for smoke odors or damage in



Any DAMAGE, LOSS (key $45), or THEFT of Lamplighter Inn property will be charged to the credit card on file.

Please don’t take Inn furniture or property outdoors.


--AM Maid Service only: If you need service, put out maid sign by noon. After noon, stop by the office for anything you need.


--Do not unplug the cable box or outlet strip. Other rooms’ cable will go out.

--Unplugging refrigerators causes them to smell and makes them warm for the next guest, who might need them. If fridge noise bothers you, we’ll remove it from the room.

--No raw seafood in room fridge.

--No cooking appliances in the room other than the microwave (this is a fire hazard and disallowed by our insurance).  


--CHECKOUT is 11:00 am. Guests remaining after 11 am will be assessed a partial or full night’s rate.  

--KEY RETURN: Please leave your key in the office the  dropbox by the office door.


Occupancy limits are strictly enforced. All guests in a room must be accounted for on the check in sheet. No overnight unregistered guests and no room parties.